Ufton Court 2018


From the 31st January to 2nd February 2018 Year 4 will spend an exciting couple of days at Ufton Court learning all about the Vikings. We will attempt - Wifi dependant - to update this page every day that the children are at Ufton Court. 

Day 3

Following a much better night’s sleep, the children were unsurprisingly more awake and full of energy for their final day at Ufton Court.

Beginning with a rope timeline activity and a Call My Bluff game where they were identifying a range of Saxon artefacts, the children were loving their final day; some of their reasoning skills and justifications for how some of the artefacts could have been used were very impressive!

Before heading home, there was one final activity the children needed to take part in – the Battle of Reading! With half the children playing the role of Saxons and the other half pretending they were on the Viking side, they fully immersed themselves into the role-play with battle chants, thinking of ways to ambush the enemy and gain victory. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to gain an in-depth understanding of what it was like to face an enemy and be prepared to die in order to protect their king.

Overall, this was a fantastic three-day experience for everyone which really helped deepen their understanding of how our past influenced modern day Britain and how influences of Saxon and Viking times are still felt today. And it’s one that the children are unlikely to forget for a very long time!

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Day 2

After not a lot of sleep, we were up for a delicious breakfast and then straight into our first activity of the day. The children were split into 3 groups and were rotated through three different activities: archery, wattling and orienteering. Children loved these experiences with many of them showing natural talents for archery and wattling.

Then came the much anticipated highlight of the day: the Viking Feast! After randomly choosing their Viking social classes (ranging from high ranking landsmann and jarl to the lower class of slaves), children were given their historical costume and headed to the barn.

Everyone then got fully involved in the evening where the Feastgivers (the school adults!) welcomed their guests (the children) before eating in traditional Viking style: with fingers ripping apart a cooked chicken!

The food was then followed by discovering if the year group had a fortune-telling soothsayer in its midst, solving some Norse riddles before entering into a mass tournament of traditional Viking game of Kubb. This culminated in three winning teams in a face-off with a teacher team; this was a close run battle with children winning round one, adults winning round two with all to play for in round three. Rather amusing at how competitive everyone was but well done adult team for winning the final, but incredibly close, match!

After the evening, children quickly got into their pyjamas as, surprisingly, they were keen and ready for bed! Hoping for a good night’s sleep, the children are already counting down until the moment of the big battle… 

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Ufton Court Day 2 2 Small 

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Day 1

Filled with excitement, our year 4 children arrived at Ufton Court raring to go on their historic adventure exploring life in Saxon and Viking Britain. Right from the moment of stepping off the coach, the 62 children fought through the rain and were immersed into their first activities: Life on the Farm and Saxon Rune Trail.

The children were given the opportunity to explore the grounds and experience spinning, churning and ploughing. They were all astounded to realise how hard the Saxons would have worked to simply get one loaf of bread and one simple piece of thread!

After lunch, children were then given one of their earliest highlights – finding out their bedrooms!

The afternoon activities saw the children exploring a range of Anglo-Saxon games which ended up with a lot of muddy trousers!

After dinner, we were treated to Ufton Court’s premiere of a brand new activity: Crime and Punishment. They became in role at a court scene where they had to judge whether to punish individuals for their crimes by a range of ordeals; this was a great activity which really helped bring their experience alive.

Following a hot chocolate and story, children were sent off to their bedrooms with a reminder of sleep being highly advised… bring on day 2! 

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