In line with the introduction of the ‘Mastery Curriculum’ in 2014, assessment procedures for children have changed. The following is a presentation outlining changes from the previous academic year, Assessment Information Evening Presentation (Spring 2016).

 Below you will find a summary of the changes and how they will affect your child at Greenfields Junior School.

What are we doing at Greenfields Junior School?

  • We focus heavily on ensuring that all of our children make progress throughout the year. We use formative data (ongoing day-to-day assessment) to build a picture of each child’s strengths and areas of development against a wide variety of age related objectives. Teachers then use this data to create a summative point-in-time judgement against a nine point scale. This ensures that we are able to monitor each child’s progress and ensure that they continue to make a good level of progress.
  • Where children have not made expected progress, the system allows us to pinpoint areas of learning that require additional support to fill any gaps that have appeared in the understanding of concepts.  
  • Your child’s attainment is now presented using the terms ‘secure’ (at age related expectation) ‘Beyond’ (working at greater depth within the age related expectation’ and ‘Below’ (working towards the age related expectation).
  • We will share with you in which areas your child is performing at, above and below expectation. Your child’s attainment may vary across areas, for example in English they may be below in composition but secure in spelling.
  • We have worked with our local cluster of schools to devise a series of ‘Milestones’ against which we will assess the children each term in Reading, Writing and Maths. These milestones progressively build towards the expected standard for the end of each year group and then towards the national expectation at the end of each Key Stage.
  • We will continue to report on your child’s progress through Parent Consultation evenings, open evenings and the End of Year Report 

End of key stage testing (SATs)

  • The children will continue to take the Statutory Assessment Tests and Tasks at the end of Year 6 (KS2) as a measure against the national benchmark.
  • These tests will be in Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation and Mathematics.
  • Writing will continue to be teacher assessed against a range of writing that the children produce over time.
  • KS2 SATs will continue to be marked externally and writing will be externally moderated.
  • National expectations of attainment have increased, therefore some children who were working at the expected ‘level’ under the previous framework may no longer be at age expectation under the new framework.
  • Each school has been expected to devise their own assessment system to measure their children’s progress against end of year expectations (as outlined above).
  • The KS2 Mathematics paper requires greater fluency and speed.


Interim End of KS2 expectations for Year ending July 2017 can be found at   This outlines what Year 6 are being assessed on this year.

The presentation from our SATs Information Evening on the 16th February 2017 can be found here.

Information regarding the SATS results for July 2017 is available here.