Welcome to the Governors section of Greenfields Junior School website. 


We hope that you will find the information in this section useful in terms of understanding the overarching role of the Governing Body as a whole and the roles and responsibilities of individuals within our team.

School governors now play an increasingly significant, strategic role in the running of schools. We feel it’s a huge privilege to serve the school and be an integral part in ensuring the children at Greenfields receive the very best education they deserve.

The Role

We work very closely with our Head Teacher, and focus on three core functions:

* Setting the school’s strategic direction and priorities, ensuring all statutory duties are met.

* Challenging and supporting the Head Teacher; holding the school to account for the quality of education it provides for every child in the school.

* Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure the budget is well spent.

Our Governing Body consists of 12 members:

* The Head Teacher

* 1 Staff Governor – elected by the whole Staff

* 1 Local Authority Governor – appointed by the Local Authority

* 2 Parent Governors  - elected by parents with a child at the school

* 6 Co-Opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests

The mathematicians among you will notice the total is 11…yes, we do currently have a vacancy, so please contact the school office if you are interested.


How we function

The whole Governing Body meets four times a year to discuss such issues as academic progress, school development plan and its progress, Head Teacher’s report and policies.

The Governing Body is split between two committees which meet each half term to focus on

 1) Curriculum matters; 

 2) Resources/ financial matters. 

These committees carry out visits and in–depth discussions, which are then reported back to the Full Governing Body (FGB).

Governors carry out visits to obtain first hand evidence of the school’s progress against the strategic aims and objectives. 

 We also attend many of the enriching, creative events that happen during the school year, such as Colour Days, Assemblies, Enrichment weeks and Residential trips.

If you wish to contact the Governors, please do so via the school office