What we have been up to - Year 4 2017

Magic and Mystery  - Summer Term 2018

On the first day back for the summer term Year 4 started off their new topic of 'Magic and Mystery' by having a Harry Potter Day. Everyone came to school dressed as something from Harry Potter - they looked marvellous.

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Easter Assembly - March 2018

The Easter Assembly in St John's church was led by Year 4 and told the story of the The Three Trees. One of the trees was used to make a crib for the baby Jesus, the second was used to make a boat for the fishermen of Galilee and the third was used to make the cross for Jesus' crucifixion.

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Ufton Court 2018

Visit from Gilbert White Museum 16th November

On Thursday 16th November Gilbert White Museum came to visit year 4. First we went into the hall so that they could introduce themselves. They told us about the animals, the difference the between the Arctic and Antarctic and what it would be like to go to the south/north pole.

In Penguin class we learnt about: penguin adaptations, the different types of penguins and got to meet Wilber.

In Snow Leopards we ordered a timeline about Captain Scott’s horrific journey and got told about their daily intake of food and what food we wouldn’t want to give up.

In Husky class we learnt about: what they would wear, what they would sleep in and the difficulties of pulling a sledge. Then we wrote a letter home as if we were stuck.

At the end we all went into the hall and watched part of Scott’s expedition that one of the men filmed from the ship. 

Fun Fact:  The men loved playing football!

Did you know? The men ate sugar lumps.

Scotts ship Small

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