What we have been up to Year 5 2017

Gilbert White Visit

On Monday 16th July, Year 5 visited the Gilbert White study centre to consolidate our knowledge of rivers. We used natural element to create diagrams of rivers showing tributaries, confluence and delta islands amongst other key features. We also visited a river and conducted geographical experiments on water depth and flow (using a rubber duck!) We then got to explore the interesting creatures that live in the river. We all had a great time and learned lots!

Gilbert white 1 Gilbert White 2

Gilbert White 3 Gilbert White 4

Year 5 - Toad of Toad Hall Banquet

In Year 5 we have been looking at the Wind in the Willow's, which inspired a lot of our writing pieces eg: persuasive letters to toad and water droplet poems. Additionally we also used aquarelles to create water colour pictures of the characters from Wind in the Willows. We decided to display these at our Toad of Toad Hall Banquet, along with serving savoury and sweet canapes that the children had designed then made. The turn out was very successful and the children had the chance to serve their canapes, as well as show parents what they had been up to this term, this included an impressive display of Wind in the Willow's homework projects. 

Year 5 Banquet 5 Small Yr5 Banquet 3 Small Yr5 Banquet 4 Small

Yr5 Banquet 1 Small Yr5 Banquet 2 Small


Year 5 have been watching and growing their very own painted lady butterflies. They came to us as small caterpillars and have gone through their life cycle, through complete metamorphosis and we released them as beautiful butterflies.

Yr5 Lifecycles 1 Small Yr5 Lifecycles 2 Small Yr5 Lifecycles 3 Small

Yr5 Lifecycles 4 Small Yr5 Lifecycles 5 Small



RAF Odiham Visit - Water Carrier Project

8 Children, who were the competition winners for designing water carriers (linked to our Science: forces), were lucky enough to visit the RAF base on 23rd May 2018 for the final! Congratulations to Ava, Rosie, Ellen, Niamh, Olivia, Phoebe, Bella and Erin. We got a tour around a Chinook and even got to sit in the cock pit!

Then we took part in the final against 4 other teams from different schools. We had to drop the water carrier from 5m and hope it landed in the drop zone still containing the 50ml of water. After a quick break the girls in their teams performed their presentation to the base, explaining the science behind their designs. 

Finally, after what felt like a long wait, we were given the results... Greenfield's AERO team had won and got to experience a Chinook simulator. 

A huge congratulations to all children who took part and thank you to the parents that came and supported the children with us.

RAF Odiham 1 Small RAF Odiham 4 Small

RAF Odiham 3 Small  RAF Odiham 2 Small

RAf Odiham 5 Small RAf Odiham 6 Small


Treasure Trove

On Monday 16th April Year 5 hosted their end of topic event: Treasure Trove. On display their were character descriptions of Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island, Hampshire sailor artifacts, Mary Rose Maths and Excel spreadsheets, The Great Wave art work, Haikus, Wanted posters, 'Beasts of the Sea' artwork, Images of the Mary Rose and demonstrations of our RAF Odiham project. The children also prepared a sea shanty, unfortunately due to technical difficulties this was only shown for the last 15 minutes.

The children have worked really hard during this topic and have really enjoyed learning about the Mary Rose and sailors, which I am sure they shared with the many parents that visited. 

Pirate day 1 Small Pirate Day 2 Small Pirate day 3 Small

Pirate Day 4 Small Pirate Day 5 Small

Bikeability February 2018

Last week Year 5 braved the 'Beast from the East' and completed their Bikeability training. This involved practising safely starting, stopping and indicating turns on the playground, then most of Year 5 took their cycling skills on the road. Despite the freezing wind and snow drifts, all groups managed three cycling sessions, with many children successfully passing their Level 2 - Miss Waldram and Mrs Clark were really proud! 

Bikeability 1 Small Bikeability 2 Small

Bikeability 3 Small


 RAF Odiham Water Carrier Project

Year 5 were really lucky to have the RAF Odiham and Robert Mays come into school to do an assembly on helicopters and how they help countries that have natural disasters! We are going to take part in a competition to see who can design the best water carrier, and the winners will get to visit RAF Odiham to compete against two other schools!

We spent the afternoon learning about gravity and air resistance by creating our own helicopters and investigation the effect of air resistance on different rotar lengths. This encouraged the children to think about how big they will make the parachute for their carrier. We look forward to design and make these in the weeks to come.

Yr5 RAF 1 Small Yr5 RAF 2 Small Yr5 RAF 3 Small

Yr5 RAF 4 Small


Having studied Hokusai's The Great Wave in art, Year 5 were inspired by Art Attack to create a giant version of this image. We used blue and white clothing to recreate the shape of the wave on the playground. We look forward to sharing our individual interpretations of this famous image at our end of term showcase.

Yr5 Great Wave Small

Science Day 5th February

We were looking and properties and materials today as a year group! First we had to decide whether certain materials were soluble or insoluble and observe them before making our decision. We then talked about reversible and irreversible changes and how the materials change properties. For example an egg inside its shell has different properties to a cooked egg and this change is irreversible because I would not be able to get the cooked egg back to its original form.

In the afternoon we had a pirate problem on how to separate sand and salt from water to get fresh water to drink. We discussed filtration and evaporation as a year group and conducted the experiment together. Our final experiment was to find out how much salt we could get in 250ml of water before the transparency of the water changed. We discussed how to make it a fair test and what predictions we might have and then the children worked in 6 groups team to reach a conclusion and record their results in a table.

Yr5 Science day 1 Yr5 Science Day 2

Yr5 Science Day 3


Trip to the Mary Rose Museum 19th January

Year 5 spent the day at the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth. It was so much fun to see the remains of the ship alongside all the artefacts that had been discovered. Being guided round we were told all about the dog ‘Hatch’ and Nye Coup (the cook), who were on the Mary Rose as it sunk. We were able to build on the knowledge from our History lessons about the different kinds of people who were on board and what their roles were.

Not only that, we benefitted from a classroom activity where we found out about some of the objects that would have been on the Mary Rose and what they were used for! Did you know officers would have had backgammon games for entertainment? Then we got to dress up in different Tudor outfits to represent the officers and the crew. It was interesting to see the different clothes they wore based on their role on the ship.

The children were fantastically well behaved and had several comments from members of the public – they made Greenfields proud!

We had a really lovely day, it was sad when it came to an end.

Yr5 Mary Rose 2 Yr5 Mary Rose 3 

Yr5 Mary Rose 1 Yr5 Mary Rose 4

Yr5 Mary Rose 6 Yr5 Mary Rose 7

Yr5 Mary Rose 8 Yr5 Mary Rose 9  

Yr5 Mary Rose 10 cropped

 Space Dome Visit - Friday 3rd November

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to explore space in a visiting Space Dome. We got to look at the moon landings, visit each of the planets and even ride a roller coaster through Saturn's Rings! We got to speed up time and watch the changes of the Sun through the seasons and explored the International Space Station...even it's toilet! We learned lots to help our English, Maths and Science topics and had lots of fun while doing it.

Space Dome visit 1 Space Dome Visit 2

Harvest Assembly - St Johns Church 17th October

At year 5's Harvest festival, tourists were sent by Zolktron, their alien leader, to go to each planet to see which one would be good for Harvest. They ended up coming to earth last but decided to stay and Harvest there becasue it has fresh water. At the very end some children came up to talk about Water Aid, and the fact that some children don't have clean water. Some children evern stood at the door to collect money for the charity. The reason we went around the planets was because our topic is space. We really enjoyed it and we even wrote our own scripts.

By Ava Year 5

Harvest Assembly 1 Small

HArvest 2 SmallHArvest 3 SmallHArvest 4 SmallHArvest 5 Small


UFO Visit

When we came into school on the 19th September Mrs Clark seemed unsettled by some news she had heard, we got bustled into Flamingo class. Then we were told by Mr McLennan that something peculiar had happened in the dell overnight. We got to go out and have a look, it looked like a bomb and it was cornered off by police tape, it was very interesting. Miss Waldram, Mrs Clark and Mrs Gair had to change the English planning slightly so we could write a newspaper column about what happened for a local newspaper.

By Zack E and Miss Waldram

  UFO visit 1 Small UFO Visit 2 Small UFO Visit 3 Small