What we have been up to Year 3 2017

Butser Farm Visit 13th October 2017

When we arrived at Butser Farm we went to the long house and sat around the crackling fire. Then Will told us about the three periods of the Stone Age.

After that, Will took us to do some wattling with long willow and hazel sticks.

Next we went to do some clunching. All you do is basically just get a hammer and smash some chalk into tiny little pieces. Soon after that, Margaret added some dried grass, water and mud, Then we put them on our wattling fence.

Next we went to the trenches to do some digging and we found bones, shells and flint.

After that, we had lunch in the long house.

Finally we made a zip toggle with a bead head and sea grass. 

Then we went back to Greenfields Junior School. We had lots of fun at Butser Farm!

Butser Farm 1 Small Butser Farm 2 Small Butser Farm 3 Small