What we have been up to - Year 4 2018

Ufton Court Day Visit 

We had an amazing day and it was so brilliant seeing the children learning  in a different and exciting environment. We had the opportunity to take part in archery, wattling, a banquet and a reenactment of the Battle of Reading. We loved life as an Anglo Saxon, including dressing up in costumes, and eating with only a knife and spoon during the banquet. Each activity enriched the children's knowledge and depth of learning...as well as being really fun!

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Ufton 4

Ufton 5

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Ufton 9

Ufton 8


Gilbert White visit

On Monday, Gilbert White came in to visit year 4. We had a fantastic day finding out about penguins and their adaptations to the Antarctic, Captain Oates and his teams expedition and finally investigating the equipment used to explore Antarctica, including sledges, tents and trying on warm clothes.

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