Musical Achievements

Visit to the MayFlower Theatre to see the Welsh National Opera

Fourteen children recently enjoyed a trip to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton to be part of a concert by the Welsh National Opera.

Following a whole school assembly where all children were introduced to the world of opera by learning the chorus of Toreador, the small group were given the opportunity to immerse themselves further into the music genre.

During the hour-long concert, they were introduced to all aspects of a full orchestra and enjoyed performances of four operatic songs, sung by professional opera singers in full costume.

One of their highlights was standing up with the dozens of other schools and joining in the Toreador chorus alongside the professional singer.

As well as opera, the orchestra performed various other songs which went down very well with the children – two of the most popular being a medley of melodies from Harry Potter and the theme tune for Jurassic Park.

“The children all loved the concert,” said Mrs Kinnell, who organised the trip. “The number of them imitating the singers on the coach back was great. Hopefully we’ve encouraged a new generation of orchestra members and opera singers!”


Visit to Mayflower 1 1 Small Visit to Mayflower 2 Small

Strings Assembly - 3rd July 2017

On Monday 3rd July those children currently learning the violin or cello, showed the school what they have learnt this year. The standard was amazing and lovely to listen to.

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DSC 0652 cropped SmallDSC 0656 cropped Small

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Woodwind Assembly - 12th July 2016

On Tuesday 12th July we had our end-of term woodwind assembly, when we listened to performances of a wide range of music, including Country and Western, Jazz and classical music.  The children all played extremely well, and in one case played a piece by Peter Warlock without music!  Well done to everyone.

Woodwind July B Small  Woodwind July F Small  Woodwind July D Small

Woodwind July G Small  Woodwind July E Small  Woodwind July H Small

Woodwind July A Small  Woodwind July C Small 

Violin & Cello Assembly - 11th July 2016

On Monday 11th July Mrs da Sousa and her violin and cello pupils entertained the school with their rendition of various tunes that they have been practising throughout the term. Some were self compositions and others popular tunes that we could all recognise, but all were played very well indeed.

This time we had a visit from Helen J with her viola. Her Pirates of the Carribean duet with Tom J got a huge round of applause. The upper school children also put together a quartet piece of music with Cello, Viola, and 2 violins. 

annabel Small Celia Small Poppy Small Tom Small

3 girls Small 4 girls Small

cellists Small quartet Small

Orchestra and Recorder Assembly - 22nd April 2016

On Friday 22nd April 2016, the orchestra and both recorder groups performed a series of songs. Some went back a few hundred years whilst others were more modern tunes. As well as that, there were two duets performed by the recorders that then led straight into the orchestra. They played Do Re Mi and following on from that they played God Save the Queen which celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday.   by Imogen

Orchestra Assembly April 1 Small

Orchestra Assembly April 2 Small

Cello and Violin Assembly - 14th March 2016

This morning the children learning stringed instruments, performed for the school a wonderful selection of music, that they have been learning. 

  Assembly 160314 1  Assembly 160314 2  Assembly 160314 3  

  Assembly 160314 4  Assembly 160314 5