What we have been up to Year 3 2016

Roman Day - 25th April 2017

Year 3 had a very exciting day on Tuesday 25th April with a Roman day!  Year 3 turned up to school dressed in a variety of togas and tunics for a day full of Roman themed activities, including working with the Treehouse Theatre group to put on a play-in-a-day called, ‘The Romans are Coming!’.

The children were divided into 4 groups, with each group acting acting out a scene from the play.  They then all came together in the afternoon to put the whole play together.  There was some fantastic acting and the children really embraced the different roles and characters.  They were also able to explore and design their own Roman shields and think about what a Roman child might have had in their lunchbox.  

Thank you to parents who helped provide costumes for the children – they all looked fantastic, as you can see from just some of the photos shared here. 

THT 1 Small THT 2 Small

THT 4 Small THT 5 Small


3GL Assembly 19th January 2017

We did our class assembly all about friends which Mrs Checksfield and Mrs Gair taught us. In the lessons we were taught how to stay clam and control our feelings. We did lots of fun activities such as: Milkshake breathing, the pizza massage and relaxing at the end of every lesson with cushions. The best lesson was when they taught us about red, yellow and green thoughts. We found out how they could change what we were thinking. Our assembly was based upon these thoughts. We acted out three short scenes about having red thoughts, changing them to yellow thoughts and getting green thoughts.   by Cymmy and Priya.


Butser Farm - 26th September 2016

On Monday morning the gates were filled with Year 3 buzzing with excitement! When we got on the coach I sat next to Evie G. Finally we arrived and the staff directed us to the long house where we found wooden benches and cosy rugs, even a fire was lit in the centre of the large room. After that we went away to our first activity - Mylo B was crushing chalk, I was carving talismans and Rhebe was digging. I loved carving - first we waited to get some chalk and flint and then we started carving. We each got a leaf, and I was surprised when it turned my chalk green! Not long after we finished we made our way over to a circle of benches. When everyone was ready the staff taught us how to spin yarn and make it into a bracelet.

Then we ate our lunch, mine was yummy! After lunch our first activity was crushing chalk, we only had a handful to bash! Then we wheel-barrowed it to a wattle fence, we mixed it with mud and straw and then we got 2 handfuls each to put on the wattle fence. One by one we washed our dirty hands.

The final activity was digging. I dug up a door hinge. It was used so they could lock and unlock doors in the Iron Age. Finally it was time to go. I sat on the coach and smiled - what a lovely day. It's great to be back, I yawned!    Aoife 3W


Butser Farm 1 Butser Farm 2 Butser Farm 3 

Butser Farm 4 Butser Farm 5 Butser Farm 6