What we have been up to Year 5 2016

Gilbert White's House Trip - 8th May 2017

On Monday 8th May, year 5 went on an amazing school trip to Gilbert White! We were going to learn all about rivers and what stages they go through to end up in the sea.

In about half an hour, we arrived at the Gilbert White’s Studies Centre and we met one of Greenfields old teachers- Mrs Rowden! Quickly, we were all told what two activities we were going to do. We were split into 2 groups.

Firstly, half of us headed down to the river to do a few experiments- it was really fun! However, the other half of us walked up a huge zigzag hill and made a map of the river with the nature around us- everyone enjoyed it!

Soon after lunch, we did our second activity then it was time to go home. Our time at Gilbert White was so fun!    by Monica     

 Gilbert White 1  Gilbert White 2   

Gilbert White 3 Gilbert White 5 Gilbert White 4


Easter Assembly 31st March 2017

On Friday 31st March Year 5's assembly took place in St John's Church and told the story of Easter. They showed us how Jesus was betrayed by Judas and was crucified. On the 3rd day he rose again and we saw how surprised his family and disciples were. It was a really fantastic assembly with some beautiful singing and lots of important information about Easter. Thank you Year 5.

Easter Assembly 3 Small Easter Assembly 4 Small

Easter Assembly 1 Small Easter Assembly 2 Small

Easter Assembly 5 Small


 Hampton Court - Friday 30th September 2016

Year 5 children stepped back in history recently when they travelled to Hampton Court as part of their Tudor monarchy theme. Everyone had a brilliant time as they felt history come alive through a tour of Henry VIII’s apartments and participated in a workshop.

They spent half their day sightseeing and picture taking as they toured the Great Hall and the Royal Chapel (in which they saw a replica of the Tudor coronation crown) along with several famous portraits and paintings.

They also learnt the hidden meanings and messages behind three paintings in the workshop: Performance, Painting and Propaganda. As well as acting out the paintings, the children began to understand about questioning the reliability of sources.  

Hampton Court 1 Pixilated Small      hampton court 5 pixilated Small

 Hampton Court 2 cropped Small hampton court 3 Small hampton court 4 Small