What we have been up to - Year 4 2016

Dragon Puppets

In the past week, Year 4 have planned, designed and created dragon puppets as part of our Marvellous Mysteries unit. Each child designed their own dragons to a given criteria, created templates from card, and used these to create felt hand puppets. These were sewn using running stitch and decorated with glitter glue and button eyes.

Yr 4 Draggon Puppets 1 Yr 4 Dragon puppets 2 

Yr 4 dragon puppets 3 Yr 4 dragon puppets 4


Visit to Reading School

By Abe S , Ava H  and Mia. R 

On Wednesday 5th July 2017 we went to Reading school for boys for their aspiration day. The first thing we did was being sorted into groups, we were all in yellow team. We really enjoyed Languages as at the end of the lesson, we learnt to talk like Yoda, in Star Wars. It was really fun but not as fun as chemistry as we got to see the screaming jelly baby experiment. Also in chemistry we tested metals and their reactions to water and acid. In P.E. we practised throwing a ball up and catching them in different ways. We also did engineering. We had to plan a route for our bridge, which we made out of lolly pop sticks, bulldog clips and sello tape. Everything cost money and we had the budget of £500.We had a really fun day, we recommend you going to Reading School for their aspiration day. We got a pen, pencil, T-shirt and a water bottle.    

Yr 4 Reading School visit Small


Science Experiment

In Year 4 we have been learning about states of matter and have been investigating solids, liquids and gases. We used fizzy drinks to investigate finding the mass of carbon dioxide by weighing a cup of drink while it was fizzy and repeating this when it was flat. At the end of the lesson, we used our knowledge to predict what would happen when the sugary solid surface of the mentos were mixed with the liquid and gas in the cola. The photo shows our result!

Cola and mentos Small


Raiders and Curators Museum - March 2017

Year 4 have been very busy curating our Raiders and Invaders Museum showing what have learned about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this term. We worked in different groups to show our English, Art, History and Computing learning and even got to wear some replica Viking clothing hired from Hampshire History Centre. Lots of our families came to see our work which made us feel really excited and proud! Our favourite parts were helping people to complete our special word search which was written in Anglo-Saxon runes, and looking at other people's work that we hadn't seen before. Thank you to everyone who came to our Museum.   Written by Erin Bu and Harry J

Year 4 Museum 1          Year 4 Museum 3Year 4 Museum 2 Small 


Potato Printing - 21st March 2017

On Tuesday 21st March, Year 4 did potato printing! We learned about Anglo-Saxon runes and were surprised that B, S and M were so similar to today’s alphabet. We carved one of our initials into a potato so that we could use it for printing. We also painted our other initials. We enjoyed painting and printing, especially as it is International Art Week this week! While groups were printing, the rest of us made codes using Anglo-Saxon runes for our partners to solve. Our art work will on display in our Anglo-Saxon and Viking Museum to celebrate our work at the end of term.  Written by Ava H and George B 

Potato printing 1 Small potato printing 2 Small potato printing 3 Small


4P Assembly - 17th March 2017

On Friday 17th March 4P relived their time at Ufton Court and showed what they had learnt to the school and family members. We heard about the Vikings travels throughout the world and the battle of Reading against the Saxons. They showed us that the Vikings had to weave their own wool for clothes and grind their own wheat into flour not to mention shoot their own meat using a bow and arrow. All this was hard work but very neccessary, if they didn't want to starve or get cold.

 4P Assembly Mar 17 1 Small 4P Assembly Mar 17 2 Small

4P Assembly mar 17 3 Small

Ufton Court 31 January - 1st February 2017

A meeting for parents of children in Year 4 was held on the 13th October. The brochure that was handed out can be found here.

 Christmas Assembly - 13th December 2016

Year 4 excelled themselves with a wonderful assembly in St John's Church. They told the story of the Innkeepers Cat and what he witnessed during the birth of Jesus. Well done Year 4!

Xmas Assembly 1 Small Xmas Assembly 3 Small 

Xmas Assembly 5 Small Xmas Assembly 6 Small

Xmas Assembly 4 cropped Small Xmas Assembly 2 Small


Balloon Launch - Monday 10th October 2016

As part of our Geography topic of learning more about the UK, Year 4 launched balloons to see how far they would travel. 6 balloons were released, all with the school’s email address in the hope that if people find them, they will let the school know how far the balloons travelled! We hope we can share news of where they landed soon! 

DSCF1819 Small  DSCF1820 Small


Emily Mills' visit

On Friday 7th October, Year 4 were very excited to welcome the cyclist Emily Mills into Greenfields Junior School! In September, both Penguin and Snow Leopard classes tracked Emily’s epic 9 day journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats and were so interested that they decided to write persuasive letters to ask her to visit the school. Their writing was of such high quality that they were successful in persuading her to spend the afternoon with us. As you can see from the photos, she brought in her bicycle and described the highs and lows of her journey. She also explained that she did it to raise money for Paralympics GB, and showed off her medal. We are currently thinking of ways that we can help Emily raise even more money, and we look forward to finding out what adventures she’ll be going on next! 

SDC10618 Small  SDC10619 Small