Extra Curricular Activities


There are many opportunities within the school to learn a variety of instruments, with specialist music teachers coming into school to teach the children in small groups.  At the end of most terms the children get an opportunity to show off their new found skills in an Assembly.  It is always a treat to see what they have achieved.  Children who play an instrument can also join the orchestra which rehearses on Friday mornings before school.

If your child wishes to learn an instrument, please contact the admin office.  Please note that there are waiting lists for some instruments

Peripatetic Music Tuition

Arrangements for learning and/or purchasing an instrument are made through the school office.   Music lessons this year (2017 - 2018) are as follows:




Cello and Violin



Guitar -  Rock & Pop Academy

Friday Keyboard  Brass

 Many children at Greenfields learn a musical instrument through *Hampshire Music Service.  There is a range for them to choose from including violin, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe, keyboard, percussion, cello, double bass and French horn.  Some children take advantage of an arrangement with the Rock & Pop Academy (previously known as SCAMPS), a private organisation which teaches guitar.

School Orchestra

Orchestra 1 Small              Orchestra 2 Small    

This is run by Miss Katy Pitts and meets in the school hall on a Thursday morning before school (8:00 - 8:40 am) and is open to all those children who have been playing an instrument for at least a year. Unfortunately we can not accommodate keyboards.



eco code final

Our Eco-Warriors    

Each class has two Eco-Warriors - they have regular meetings and then feed back to their classes on how to help the environment, save energy and encourage everybody to recycle as much as they can.

Over the past 3 years Greenfields has achieved the Bronze Eco-Schools award followed by the Silver Eco-Schools award. The Silver award was presented to the Eco-warriors in November 2015 by Dr Paul Howe, the Bio-diversity officer at Hart Council.

Eco Warriors Assembly Nov 15

We are now aiming towards achieving our Green Flag award and here is the current team who will help us to achieve this.

Year 3 Eco 18 19 Small Year 4 Eco blur 18 19 Small

Year 5 Eco 18 19 Small Year 6 Eco 18 19 Small


Gardening Club

Gardening Club Small

This takes place at lunch time when possible.

Trips and Visits

As a school, we recognise that pupils gain an enormous amount from participating in school trips and visits. Within each year group, a range of trips and visits are carefully planned to enhance the curriculum and engage learners. Trips and visits are carefully planned, monitored and reviewed in accordance with Hampshire County Council guidelines. Below you will see a list of the trips and visits planned for this academic year whcih you will received further details of throughout the year.

Year Group Planned Trips
3 Butser Farm, Space Dome, Village Walk, Warburtons Visit
4 Gilbert White Exploration visit, Ufton Court, animal visit
5 Space Dome, Mary rose visit, Gilbert White's Hourse
6 Living Rainforest, Hayling Island Residential visit, Think Safe


There will also, on occasions, be trips and visits planned for small groups of children for specific subjects and responsibilities they may have. For example, last year our school council members visited the Houses of Parliament and some of our Year 6 students went to Wimbledon to watch the tennis. Further details of these will be available throughout the year.

We also warmly welcome visits from parents and members of the community who mught have a particular expertise in an area of the curriculum. If you feel this is something you would like to offer the school, please get in touch with the school office who will contact the relevant member of staff.


Funky Fridays

Funky Fridays are brand new to this academic year and have already proved to be hugely successful with the children. The idea is for children to be co-constructing their learning with their class teacher and coming up with activities or lines of enquiries which they have an interest in or which might not be covered in the realms of the curriculum. Many year groups have embraced Friday afternoons and there has definietely been an increase in outdoor learning. This is what some children have to say about it:

'I really enjoy Funky Fridays becasue we get to do activities we wouldn't usually do in lessons'

'We look forward to Funky Fridays becasue we get to lead the lessons'

'During Funky Fridays, we ge the opportunity to have lots of discussion about topics we want to investigate further'

'Every school should do it!'