Colour Teams



When children join Greenfields they are allocated to a colour team.  There are a number of activities during the year when children work in their colour teams with children of all year groups.  In particular, once a term the school holds Colour Days when the children do a range of activities based around a particular theme.  You can see reports and pictures from recent Colour Days below.

During the Autumn Term Colour Day, the team captains are elected by the members of their colour team from those children in Year 6 who have put their names forward.  This election is always exciting, with the results of the secret ballot eagerly awaited by the whole school.

Team captain have been elected during our Diversity Week commencing 14th November 2016. Congratulations to all the successful applicants.


Green Team

Team Captains:  Olly Y and Lucy C

Blue Team

Team Captains: Tom B and Monica W

Red Team

Team Captains:  Felix H and Grace S

Yellow Team

Team Captains: Alfie P and Millie B

Our Colour Days or Weeks

Here are the results of our efforts on the 20th October.

Colour Day Zebra Small Colour Day Rhino Small Colour Day Giraffes Small

Colour Day Husky Small Colour Day Penguin Small Colour day Snow Leopard Small

Colour Day Flamingo Small Colour Day Hippo Small

Colour Day Lemur Small Colour Day Tamarin Small


Colour Day 20th October 2017

Today we are concentrating on Art and Creativity. We are making our class animals in various artistic forms.

Colour Day oct17 5 Small Colour Day oct17 6 Small Colour Day Oct17 8 Small

Colour Day oct17 7 Small Colour Day oct 17 1 Small Colour Day oct 17 2 Small

Colour Day oct 17 4 Small Colour Day oct 17 3 Small

Diversity Week 14th November 2016

During Diversity Week each colour team has been looking at cultural diversity on different continents. They have had a brief lesson in 'Stepping' - traditional folk dancing, explored the music and the art of the different continents.

Colour Day June 2016

For our Colour Day on 24th June we looked forward to the Rio Olympics in the summer.  The children created an Olympic torch, held tiddliwinks championships, created Olympic events and devised motivational quotes following the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence.  During the afternoon, Dads, Uncles and Grandpas were invited in to join in the activities - and both children and adults had a great time.



Colour Day January 2016

Our Colour Day in the Spring Term focussed on e-Safety and was a huge success.  The day was launched by a CEOPS ambassador who came into the school to highlight the importance of keeping safe online and how safety in the virtual world is as important as safety in the real world.  All children participated in workshops across the day to raise awareness. The children particularly enjoyed the role-playing sessions where they explored how to react to situations they might encounter online.  The messages they learnt during colour day will be reinforced during our e-safety week.


Here are some of the posters abut e-Safety that the children created during Colour Day.

Colour Day Jan 2016 poster collage small

 Colour Day November 2015

During the assembly at the start of Colour Day, the postman delivered a very exciting package for Mrs Kinnell.  It contained a series of pictures which were clues about the theme of Colour Day, and - even more exciting - a letter from the Queen asking the children to find out about the life of the Queen, her role, family and interests.   The children then formed small groups to research the topic, before preparing a presentation on some aspect of the Queen's life.  The Queen's animals were a popular subject for the children!

The children enjoyed their research and put together presentations in a wide range of different formats, including posters, poems, quizzes, drama, quizzes and even a board game!  At the end of the day, some of these fabulous presentations were shown to the whole school.  Well done everyone!


Colour Day April 2015

We had a Colour Day based on learning about Chemical Reactions.  During our morning assembly we learnt about "flubber", a mixture of cornflour and water with amazing properties.  Then there were 4 activities organised for the children - and each colour team tried 3 of these activities.  The children learnt about capillary action, how we can make gas using sodium bicarbonate, how cabbage water can reveal the pH of a substance and they wrote secret messages using lemon juice to take home to their parents.  Yellow Team also used sodium bicarbonate to make some delicious honeycombe.


Colour Day January 2015

The theme of Colour Day was China. Mrs Tucker came into school to talk to us all about China. She taught us to count to 10 in Chinese and told us about Chinese New Year and the different animal making up the Chinese zodiac. The children were really interested by her talk and keen to know which animal corresponded to their birth date. In between each group had a lots of fun making various items that are related to China.

  Colour Day Jan15 Blue TeamColour Day Jan15 Green TeamColour Day Jan15 Red TeamColour Day Jan15 Yellow Team