Sculptor Visit


On Monday 27th March 2017 an artist called Paul Marggets came in to help us with our school sculpture project.

In the morning he showed everybody how you make sculptures out of steel with special tools. He demonstrated how to make a leaf’s veins with a chisel. He heated up the metal under some very, very hot coals which was 1600! He told us that if the steel got too hot then it would start fizzing like a sparkler on Bonfire Night. Once the steel was hot enough then he could bend it into a circular shape to make it look nice. Paul shaped the leaf by heating it up and then shaping it by flattening it and then twisting it into a leaf that looked like a real one from a tree!

In the afternoon Paul worked with a group to design our sculpture based on our PRIDE values. He took them all home so he can use our ideas to create one big sculpture for our school. It will take him five or six weeks to make it and then he will put it in our courtyard by the reception so everybody can see it. We are really looking forward to this!

Cymmy A and Ben F

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