What have we been up to - Year 6 2016

Year 6 PSHE Topic – The World of Work

A final BIG thank you to our last ‘world of work’ visitor: Mrs Wilson. It was great to see a replica of the human skeleton and many other interesting gadgets, as part of her job as a physiotherapist. The children were very engaged and enthused about what it takes to do this job.

After visits from several parents, with a variety of career choices, the children are going to now consider which roles they might be suited to. They will create their own CVs and take part in job interviews.

With new inspiration, who knows what they will choose…

Year 6 World of Work 9 Year 6 World of Work 10 Year 6 World of Work 11

Year 6 would like to say another HUGE thank you to the following parents, for coming in to talk about the ‘world of work’: Mr Ray, Mrs Killick, Mr Bartlett, Mr Meiklejohn and Miss Slark, Mr Hurley & Mr Bagnato.

The children (and staff) have been very inspired by such a diverse range of skills needed and jobs available. Who knew there were so many possibilities!

We look forward to one more visitor after half term…

Year 6 World of Work 3 Year 6 World of Work 6

Year 6 World of Work 4 Year 6 World of Work 7 Year 6 World of Work 8


On Wednesday 1st February, Year 6 were inspired by two fantastic visitors who came in to talk about their jobs: Mr Turner and Mr Gorrie.

A huge thank you to them both for sharing their career paths and educational backgrounds. We all learnt so much about how diverse the world of work is.

We look forward to learning about other job roles over the next few weeks.

Year 6 World of Work 1 Year 6 World of Work 2


 6H Lemurs Assembly 1st December 2016

Lemur class (6H) assembly, was held on Thursday 1st December. The children worked very hard to share their learning from their previous topic about rainforests and deforestation. They showed off their artistic talents with a look at their Henri Rousseau inspired paintings, their acting skills as rainforest animals and their singing abilities with an adaptation of 'Earth song' by Michael Jackson. A great showcase of hard work and learning by all. Well done Lemur class!

6H Assembly 2 Small 6H Assembly 3 cropped Small

6H Assembly 4 Small

Visit to the Living Rainforest - Monday 17th October 2016

On Monday 17th October Year 6 went to the Living Rainforest. We all got on the coach, everyone was singing and having a good time. One of the songs was ' The Wheels on the Bus'. even some they made up themselves. Finally when we got there we went into a room where we put all our belongings. Then 6H went on their tour and 6L got some free time in our groups and did our activity sheets. From 10.30 - 12pm we got to have a free look around in the green house, all of the groups spotted the sloth. All the birds were jumping and flying around. After that we had lunch (everyone was munching away).

After lunch it was time for 6L's tour. A  lady showed us where other rainforests are. Everyone said that the Agouti looked like a rat.

Our time at the Living Rainforest was amazing. Hopefully we get to go again.

Living Rainforest 1 Living Rainforest 2 Living Rainforest 4 Living Rainforest 5 Living Rainforest 7

Living Rainforest 6 Living Rainforest 10

Living Rainforest 3 Living Rainforest 8 Living Rainforest 12

Living Rainforest 10 Living Rainforest 11 

 Year 6 homework

These few weeks year 6 have been learning all about rainforests and deforestation. We have created a shoe box rainforest in which we were asked to show the layers of the rainforest. Some big, some small, all different shapes and sizes. We had a choice on what rainforest we did. On Wednesday we arrived with all our magical creations in recycled boxes.   Erys & Emma D 

yr 6 rainforest 1 yr6 rainforest 5 yr6 rainforest 8 yr6 rainforest 9

yr6 rainforest 10 yr 6 rainforest 2 yr 6 rainforest 3

 yr 6 rainforest 4 yr 6 rainforest 6 yr 6 rainforest 7