Ufton Court 2017

From the 30th January to 1st February 2017 Year 4 will spend an exciting couple of days at Ufton Court learning all about the Vikings. We will attempt - Wifi dependant - to update this page every day that the children are at Ufton Court. 

Day One

After a slight delay with the coach we were finally on our way – in a double decker bus. We were so excited to see Ufton Court for the first time. We went straight into our first activity which was either learning to make fires using cotton wool and a flint and steel, or exploring the grounds. Lunch was a delicious baked potato followed by a waffle – yum! In the afternoon we learnt to grind corn for flour using a Quern stone and also how to make yarn from raw wool. We realised how hard it was to be a Viking. We did some further exploring using photomapping which was great fun.

Dinner was really welcome and was followed by preparing and acting out a play about Beowulf. Then it was time for hot chocolate, a story and then bed. All children ended the day very tired but happy.

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Day Two

Another fun day has been had today. We have done Archery, Wattling and played various Viking games. In the evening we learnt about what happened at a Viking Feast. We then dressed up and attended our very own Viking Feast. We ate as the Vikings did using our fingers, a knife and a spoon! Dancing and games were the entertainment after the feast and lots of fun was had.  Mrs Clark was challenged to a game of Kubb in which she was victorious.  We will all sleep well again tonight! 

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Day Three

Once up, we packed our bags and stripped our beds and then had breakfast. It was then off to the barn to learn about the Vikings v Saxon ‘Battle of Reading’. We then split into 2 teams and re-enacted the battling which was lots of fun and used up most of the remaining energy of the group! Then back to the barn for a rest and snack followed by some Rune Orienteering and a picnic lunch before heading home on the bus.

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